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Cricket at SKK

Here we give a glimpse into our training facilities, the competitions we enter, the grounds we play at and so on. The development of cricket in Finland has been substantial over the last few years with the announcement of the upcoming T20 World Qualifiers to be held in Kerava National Cricket Ground (KNCG) and Tikkurila Cricket Ground (TCG). 

Training facilities

In the summer we try to train once a week / fortnight at Kerava National Cricket Ground. In the off season, we use a number of facilities in the Helsinki metropolitan area included Pallomylly, Myllypuro. In late 2020, Cricket Finland established a fit for purpose indoor cricket nets training facility at Eerikkilä, located around 100 kms away from the Helsinki area. We will train there when we can. 


Match Grounds

From playing on gravel for decades (the great Ruskeasuo home ground), we have finally got the luxury to play on grass grounds over the past few years. We are grateful for the work put in by Cricket Finland to develop cricket in Finland. The three main grounds we have played most of our matches in the recent years are KNCG, Tikkurila Cricket Ground and Käpylä Cricket Ground. 



In 2020, we entered five competitions:


  • SM-VIIKKO Indoor Championship

  • Finnish Premier League (FPL T20 1st XI)

  • Kerava Shield (KS T20 2nd XI)

  • One-Day (OD 40 overs)

  • T10 league

  • ECS T10

We won the SM-VIIKKO Championship held at Joensuu Sports Hall, and topped the regular season of the T20 and OD formats, and reached the final of the ECS. 

The tournament format for 2021 includes: 

  • Finnish Premier League (FPL T20 1st XI)

  • T20 2nd XI

  • One-Day (OD 40 overs)

  • Friendly cricket

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Fans cheer us on!

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