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About Us

Our History

The club was formed in 1994 by a number of "cricketers" who at the time were too fat, lazy or drunk to play for the established Helsinki Cricket Club. It is a measure of the success of SKK that despite early handicaps, it is now able to beat its venerable old neighbour on a regular basis.


SKK has expanded considerably from its humble beginnings. It is now well established with many on-field successes in recent years. For example the club has won the televised SM-Viikko cricket tournament 3 out of the last 8 years. 

It is true to say that SKK has developed steadily since its inception, with its evolution running in parallel with the overall development of cricket in Finland.


SKK has added an official women's team in 2023, recruiting together a motivated bunch of wonderful ladies who are a proud member of the SKK family. We have now about close to 15 active and social members, and increasing the number even more. 

We are proud member of the Cricket Finland family!


The "COVID" Season

The summer season of 2020 was special in many ways.

First, due to the incredible pandemic outbreak, we were concerned if the season would happen.

Secondly, we were hungry for trophies and had one of one our best squad in years.

The season commenced at the beginning of June where Finland was the first nation in Europe to live stream PL games since elite sports events were banned in several countries. We were up to the mark as we finished first in the group stages in three of the four competitions: One-Day League, Premier League, and Kerava Shield. We put in some fantastic performances in the short and blazing T10 format but come short to reach the play-offs. In August, we competed in the European Cricket Series and fired into the finals. In the end, we lost three finals, which hurt us tremendously.


However, reflecting on the entire season, we came out mentally stronger than the previous year. There was a fresh breath of youth in the squad with two U-18 players making their debuts. Most importantly, we had drinks after games and organized social events for all members at the Grand Aussie Bar. 


Est. 1994

We were founded in the early nineties. We had nine players to start with, but we grew our our player base quickly on the basis of our teamwork and acceptance of diversity. 

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The success continues

In 2016, SKK secured its fifteenth major trophy, Finnish T20 Championship. The lads were ecstatic. 

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We won the televised SM-VIIKKO Finnish championship in 2019 The format was T10 and we beat our greatest rivals Helsinki Cricket Club to secure the title. 


Merger with Kerava CC 

In 2017, Stadin kriketti decided to expand through an alliance with Kerava CC. The "new" club led to the formation of Stadin ja Keravan krikettikerho (SKK).  


2020 Summer Season 

With a season delayed by the pandemic, we were hungry to win trophies. However despite topping the 'regular season' tables in the One-Dayers, T20 Premier League and T20 Kerava Shield we failed in the play-offs. 

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Trophy-less seasons 

We had a draught for a few seasons that went from 2021 to the end of 2023. We finished in the playoffs (eliminator) of the PL T20 for three seasons consecutively, and were runners-up in Div 2 and Div 3 T20s.

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Our first official women's team

We had a fantastic bunch of ladies who joined in 2023, and we helped contribute to the ICC's goal of increasing female participation in Finland also. The squad started from six players and then grew to 15 in one year, competing in their first outdoor season in the same year.

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Draught ends in 2024!

We added the indoor trophy to our trophy cabinet by winning against our fierce rivals, Bengal Tigers, who had defeated us last season in eight different occasions. 


First major "recognized" trophy

We won our first major trophy in 2002 when the Finnish Cricket Association (FCA) had set up an "official" league. The spirit of cricket was the key ingredient to our success.


On-Field Principles

Off-Field Activities

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