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The list below represents the ex-members who were part of the club. Some of our players are the pioneer and core of Cricket Finland. That is a massive achievement for us! Please let us know if your name is not mentioned, and we will add it to the esteemed list. 


  • Peter Gallagher

  • Nathan Collins

  • Andrew Armitage

  • Henry Sewell

  • Jonathan Scamans 

  • Yasir Abdul Quadir

  • Timo Ilva

  • Julian Roach

  • Scott Thurling

  • Greame Saba

  • Patrick Moilanen

  • Po Bhandari

  • Shantanu Bajaj

  • Steyn Berg

  • Kieran Donnelly

  • Madhu Bhattarcharya

  • Hemang Kapasi

  • Christopher Carroll

  • Kari Turunen

  • Ash Raf Shimul

  • Iqbal Hossain Shakil

  • Saad Bin Eusuf

  • Habibul Islam

  • Jordan O'Brien

A big thank you for all the hard work, time and effort spent at the club. Good luck in the future. 

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